Electric Vehicle Modelling With Matlab/Simulink

Electric Vehicle Modelling With Matlab & Simulink

What is the workshop/webinar about?

The workshop will be focussed on building a good in-depth knowledge of mathematical modelling of electric drivetrain for a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). It will start with an introduction to the Electric Vehicle, their types, and the various component we can find in an electric vehicle drivetrain. It will define each of the components such as motors, motor drive, power electronics, control system, electro-mechanical conversion as well as the various drive cycles.

It will also take a brief look into various motor drives control methods and compare few of them with respect to their performance It will also explore the modulation techniques used for power electronic converters. Finally, it will investigate an equivalent circuit model (ECM) for a battery. All the description into the topics will be accompanied with their respective modelling in MATLAB/Simulink. Finally, all the Simulink blocks created over the two days will be integrated together to form a working mathematical model of and BEV.

29th and 30th August

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Google Meet

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What People Say About Us ?

“An EV enthusiast not just needs to know about EVs but also should have knowledge about its modelling. EV modelling workshop conducted by Zikshaa tells us in detail how to model battery, motor and its controller in MATLAB. The workshop not only taught me about the functionality and technicality but also took me through multiple applications. This is one of the finest and detailed workshop I have attended.”

-Rinika Paul

“I have attended 2 Day EV modelling using Matlab-Simulink workshop , it was pretty impressive that i got to learn about the control techniques of PMAC motors such as FOC ( field oriented control) which is very much important in control topologies. I got to learn about Clark and park transformations theoretically and then modeling the same in Matlab Simulink Environment to test out the response. I would recommend it to all the persons who are planning to start their research or career in Electric vehicles and want to learn about motora and FOC to take part in further workshops.”

-Kavuri Poornesh

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