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What is the workshop about?

This webinar takes a brief approach towards discussing the various state-of-art electric vehicle charging technology and dissects the various component which are used in the same. This workshop will further discuss the future work in this field. People from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering with a strong passion for electric vehicle technology can attend this webinar to get and overview on the recent trends in the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles.


  • To give an overview of state-of-art chargers and charging technology used in electric vehicles also called Electric vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).
  • Two-hour webinar with 90 minutes of lecture and presentation and 30 minutes of Q and A regarding electric vehicles in general.
  • No prior knowledge of charger/charging infrastructure is required. However, some prior knowledge on power electronics, batteries and battery management system is welcome.

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24th October 2020

7:00 PM TO 9:00 PM

Google Meet

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